ET-300 Mini Educator Remote Dog Trainer

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The ET300 Collar is a Mini Educator 1/2 mile remote trainer that employs "blunt" stimulation for humane and effective remote dog training. Loaded with unique features, including "lock and set", stimulation levels from 1 to 100, and the ability to set a boost level from 1 to 60, the ET300 Collar allows the user to tailor the stimulation to their dog's temperament. The smaller transmitter is especially well-suited for smaller hands or situations where discreetness is important. The small 2.4-ounce receiver provides plenty of stimulation for large and small dogs. The night tracking light can be set to flashing or solid which is especially convenient when using it in a 2-dog system. The ET300 Collar Mini Educator will turn a smart, stubborn dog into a genius. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

  • Range: 1/2 Miles
  • Size of Dog: Small, Medium, Large
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Application: Yard
  • Experience Level: Intermediate
  • # Receivers: 1
  • Shock Resistant?: Yes

    ET-300 302 Owner's Manual.pdf