Kuranda Bed Size Guide


Kuranda Bed Size Guide

We recommend measuring your dog from nose to the base of the tail and add 4 inches to find the best fit. This gives your dog a little extra space to fit within the sides of the bed frame.

Tip: When in doubt, order the next size up. Your dog will thank you.


Sizing Chart

Use the chart to determine the appropriate size Kuranda Bed for your best friend. We want to help you make the right purchase from the beginning. This will help eliminate the hassle of returns or exchanges. Let us help you find your exact size. If you are still unsure which size will fit your dog contact us for help.

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Max Dog Length Kuranda Bed Size
Max dog length is 21" Choose 25"x18" Bed
Max dog length is 26" Choose 30"x20" Bed
Max dog length is 31" Choose 35"x23" Bed
Max dog length is 36" Choose 40"x25" Bed
Max dog length is 40" Choose 44"x27" Bed
Max dog length is 46" Choose 50"x36" Bed


Kuranda Bed Dimensions

Subtract 3.25" from length and width to determine the inner dimensions of the bed.

Note: Replacement fabrics are based on the bed's assembled, external measurements. Do not use the bed's fabric area nor the unassembled fabric dimensions.


25" x 18"

30" x 20"

35" x 23"

40" x 25"

44" x 27"

50" x 36"